It is with these exquisite words that Valéry described the encounter with this indeterminable object, different from all else, touched by nature’s sway, touched by the balancing of fortune, caught in between land and sea.


How, therefore, does one conceive these forms fallen from stars? What are they? Who has made them? They are the daughters of providence and to some extent also those of men; they are the descendants of the guiding will of matter, so that ir doesn’t truly stop anywhere, overflying everything, every tool and every rose, fleeing constantly from any decision when eyes are set upon it.


What is the mystery that surrounds these simple forms in which one distinguishes the outline of voluptuousness, the inexactness of few lines of vitality, or the concentration of tension points?

Every masterpiece, following Blanchot, every poem, every painting, and every sheet of music sustains itself, and nothing else. Hence, these objects, on the one hand, search to indiscreetly position and assert themselves within Blanchot’s evidence; and on the other, pursue a vanished beauty, a beauty desired for itself, as only in this way will the object relentlessly respond to the tyrannical will of the author.

Cynically, the object reaffirms itself by forcing a break from signification.

What is it? It has the size of a utensil. It is proportionate to human dimensions, but lacks purpose. Is it the part of a larger sum? What is it? Does it have meaning? If yes, how? These objects are in reality function. These figures are not imprecise, they shine. They are not enwrapped in mist. Surrounded by mystery, it is here that we find the irony that interrupts the discourse, forcing us to acknowledge that there is no possible meaning despite a thorough reading of the object. It is the awakening of an essential reality: it is.


The search for the deliverance from conceptualization is a liberty already revealed to children. It is the innocent game that originates in nothingness only to return to it, accomplishing in this way the final and ultimate break-up of every discourse: death. This is the definitive prejudice, a lingering consequence of contemporary Western society.